No venues were available and all music gigs were cancelled during The Coronavirus 2020 Pandemic when government officials shut down our cities to decrease the spread of the CO-VID19 virus.

While struggling to survive the shut down and adapt to the new age of virtual events, musicians turned to ‘live’ music events online with a refreshed and determined spirit to keep the music going and bring some light to darker times.

With fans scrambling all over social media to catch the next show from their favorite independents artists we realized while main stream musicians had BET, CMT, VH1, and MTV to collectively share their music, independent artists had no such avenues.

An idea turned reality, INDEPENDENT MUSIC TELEVISION ONLINE was founded by like-minded musicians and music lovers together to help advance independent music to the next level.  

By creating a streaming WEB TV that will allow independent musicians a way to collectively create and broadcast pre-recorded or live high-quality music videos and content, we can get the music out worldwide to much larger audiences without the social media run-around.

IMTV ONLINE covers the nation with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, the Florida Keys, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago and Corpus Christi, Texas.

We are revolutionizing the streaming world for the small and independent artists one MUSIC VIDEO at a time!